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How is my price determined?

In the case of kitchens, we base price on the number of units needing fitting along with the amount of other work required (such as electrical, building, plastering, plumbing). All this combines in to providing your final quotation.

For other work, such as flooring, we have a set price per square metre (depending on the type of flooring) and so the final price depends on the size of the area needing worked on.

We assure all our customers that we strive to give you the very best possible price on all the work we quote for.

What sort of budget do I need?

The cost is entirely dependant on the size and complexity of the project but we are more than happy to work with every budget to deliver the very best kitchen for you. We promise to give you the very best price that we can do the work for. We do not negotiate on price and that is because we work hard to ensure that the price you are quoted is the very lowest price we can do the job for.

What payments will I have to make?

You only pay our costs when you are completely satisfied with the fitting. You will need to pay for the kitchen itself based on the suppliers terms and conditions.


Do you do "supply only" kitchens?

Yes. We are more than happy to supply you with a beautiful kitchen.

What guarantees do you offer?

You do not pay a penny for the fitting of your kitchen until you are completely satisfied. Within the six months we will return, free of charge, to attend to any settling in issues. Please contact us if you need help with general wear and tear.

What are the steps to fitting a kitchen?

On the agreed date we will usually dismantle your old kitchen and dispose of it (unless you wish to sell it). Your new kitchen will then be delivered and we will start work fitting it. At the end of the fitting we will leave you with a clean, tidy area and your brand new kitchen. We work efficiently, cleanly and to an exceptionally high standard of finish.

What about worktops?

We can supply and fit all types of worktops from laminate to solid surface worktops.

How do I buy appliances?

We can supply most makes at competitive prices or you can source your own and we will be happy to fit them. If you are unsure about sizes and specifications then just talk to us about it and we will help you every step of the way.

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